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PopMart DVD reviews and screencaps.

So, this Swedish guy on Interference has connections at Universal and has managed to obtain the PopMart DVD nearly a month early. He in turn posted screenshots and a review of the DVD on the site, and gave me permission to post everything here =)

So first, the DVD is supposed to be released September 10th worldwide, and September 18th in the U.S. (I guess they want to make us Yanks wait since we didn't initially appreciate the tour enough =P) Anyway, on to the reviews and the photos.

His review of the DVD (including technical aspects and bonus materials):

The promo release is only a double jewelcase with disc 1(wich contains the show) and disc 2(bonus material).

Disc 1
The show start as all the other U2 dvd's, immediately after putting the disc in the player.

There is a real improvement on the picture compare to the vhs release. The picture are much sharper and has much better colours. Seeing the dvd on a normal tv works very good. But if you have a very good Plasma/Lcd it is easy to find pixles in the picture.

Well, here you will find a big difference from the vhs release. The options is PCM Stereo, Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround and ofcourse DTS 5.1 sourround.

The sound is very warm and and much clearer then the vhs. You can realy hear Bono's voice much better and clearer, wich was a problem on the vhs.
The volume mix between music and crowd are excellent.

I think the vhs release didnt have the capacity to show how good the show was with the big screen on stage and the sound techniques. It was an unfair release, but the dvd finally gives the show a fair presentation.

The show
This show is togheter with Rotterdam, Sarajevo and Santiago the best show on the tour. The band is on a very playfull mode.
The songs are very good played.
A lot of fans has been worried about Bono's voice on this show. For people who don't know Bono had serious problem with his voice durning this tour. His voice is a bit weak on this one, but that makes the show even better.
He puts so much emotion to his singing durning the show.

The show starts with an amazing version of "Mofo", wich immediately drives the crowd mad. The crowd are very good and loud on this show.
The versions on the songs from Pop on this show compare to the album
version is huge, a real improvement. You can hear it on "Gone", "Last Night On Earth", "Please"... The version on New Years Day on this show is one of the best ever, Desire gets a very funny feel, Edge does an acustic version on Sunday Bloody Sunday and also sings the whole song. On Bullet The Blue Sky Bono comes on stages with a military outfit and an umbrella with a Usa flag on it in his hand.
After that song one of the biggest highlights of the show starts, In the end of "Please" Bono starts to sing in a beautiful falsetto and slowly the song shift into "Where The Streets Has No Name". After that the band goes of stage and a dance mix of "Lemon" is playing in the speakers. The Lemon starts to move out over the crowd and then stops. Then the Lemon opens and U2 goes
down from the stage and starting play Discotheque. The version of "With Or Without You" is a very emotional one, mainly by Bono's voice. Wich is weak on the song . Another emotional moment are the version of "One", the song is dedicated to Michael Hutchence from INXS. Michael died just two weaks before this show. The songs ends with "Wake Up Dead Man"

Bonus disc

The menus on the Bonus disc got a very nice MART feel
The bonus material are very interesting.

Live shows

1997-07-18 - Rotterdam
On this show Bono's voice is very strong. Amazing versions of "Please", Where The Streets Has No Name" and "If You Wear That Velvet Dress".
But why didnt the dvd also contain the fantastic version of Staring At The Sun from the same show?

1997-06-14 - Edmonton
Only filmed with one camera? Good versions on Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me, Mysterious Ways and a excellent version of One. You can hear that this is more earlier in the tour on Bono. His voice is much more stable
and clearer on this show.


Lemon For Sale
Commerical for the lemon

The Road To Sarajevo
This one is different from the the Documentary on the Best Of 90-00. It contains more footage from the Sarajevo concert.
The songs that are showed are Where The Streets Has No Name and Even Better The The Real Thing.

A Tour Of The Tour
Lead by Paul Paul mcguinness

Last Night On Earth
A Documentary about the making of the video to the song.

PopMart Tour Visuals Montage
A mix of fooatge and music from the tour.

This is one of the best dvd releases U2 have released yet.


He also posted the lengths of the documentaries:

Lemon doc 5 min
Sarajevo doc nearly 8 min
A Tour Of The Tour nearly 14 min
Last Night On Earth - One Day In Kansas just over 4 min
PopMart Tour Visuals Montage 18 min

And now for the screencaps (including gorgeous caps of the menus:


Disc One:

Streets from the Sarajevo documentary:

Audio menu:


Bonus disc menus:


Bono going crazy in Edmonton:

HMTMKMKM Edmonton:

Mexico NYD:


I am getting soooooo excited already. I love what they did with the bonus disc menus XD XD XD

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