bang and clatter (fulpakru) wrote in u2,
bang and clatter

Across the Universe

I'm sure everyone knows about this, but just in case... Bono has a fantastic cameo in an upcoming Julie Taymor film (she worked on the Lion King on Broadway, and the movie Frida) which re-imagines Beatles music in a beautiful love story set in the Vietnam War era. It's gorgeous and psychedelic and stars Rachel Evan Wood and Jim Sturgess. Bono plays DR. ROBERT and sings "I Am the Walrus" in a ridiculous, mind-bending sequence.

You can see a photo of him in character in the GALLERY section, and you can hear snippets of the cast singing Beatles songs throughout the site.

It opens in markets like LA and NY on 9/14 and nationwide on 9/21. You won't be sorry if you go to see this.

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