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Bad Taste U2!

This is probably the ugliest painting I've ever made. I tried to do it in one sitting, but after painting that unicorn and the ugly background, I was too tired to add Larry. It took a couple of weeks before I was able to force myself to finish it.

Edge with an 'edgehog! He's sitting on Bun's cardboard mansion. He's INCREDIBLY squishy, too, like one of those stuffed animals you pick up and can't put down because it feels so good! As I've worked on this cartoon over the years, I've often thought OK, this is crazy. CRAZY! I am insane. This was one of those times.

I was really happy with this one, I've got to say. Back when I was a little kid at church camp, we did a craft project with macaroni that has stayed with me until this day. We took an empty Pringles container, cut an oval opening out of the bottom half, and covered the outside with macaroni/pasta. Then we put a flower or little junk figurine inside the container so you could see it through the opening. Best part: while we were at some other activity, the adults spray painted our macaroni creations GOLD. They looked so classy! I was really toying with the idea of painting Adam here gold, but the size/shape of the seeds were too similar and it would have lost its Adamness. Still wanna do it, though...

I painted this while watching Pulp Fiction on the last day of summer vacation, traditionally the second most depressing day of the year. (Most depressing day: first day back at school after winter break. It just is.) I sent the cartoon to Matt last Sunday and he's been sitting on it for a week.

I'm actually kind of proud of this one because it was not easy! His lips are a little on the plump side here, but I kind of like them better that way. :)
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