Peter (brandokowalski) wrote in u2,

With the recent discussion of U2 songs in movies and television, I thought I'd mention theatre. I'm a student who's studying to be an actor, and I just finished a production of Julius Caesar. The soundtrack to the show was comprised of a lot of rock songs and sure enough, U2 made several appearances. At the beginning of the intermission, The Saints Were Coming was played, and the exit music after we made our bows was none other than Sunday Bloody Sunday. A lot of my friends asked me if I was responsible for the U2 songs in the show. Nope, that was all the work of the sound designer. If I had been responsible for the songs, I would have included Bullet the Blue Sky during some of the battle scenes. Another show called The Dog Problem was going on at the same time in the building and they used Vertigo during the opening blackout. Anyway, just thought I'd mention it.

Anyone else seen a play that has used U2 songs? And for that matter, I'm directing a show called Beyond Therapy by Christopher Durang in a few months. I'm planning on using Window In the Skies for the very end when the two main characters fall in love. Is anyone familiar with this show? And if so, does anyone have suggestions for other places where I could use U2 music?
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