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Survey fun

To follow in the U2 survey hype, my two cents:

Most underrated U2 song: "Discotheque" Sure, it doesn't sound like U2. Sure it's a departure from what most fans are used to. But who cares.. it's a fun song. I like to get jiggy with it.

Most overrated U2 song: "Stuck in a Moment You Can't Get Out Of." Maybe because it was PLAYED TO DEATH on my local radio station. I am Meh towards it.

Most underrated U2 album: Zooropa

Most overrated U2 album: Rattle and Hum

First U2 song you ever heard: "Pride"

First U2 song you heard and loved: "One"

All-time favourite U2 song: That's a tough one... but I would say anything off of Achtung Baby. It's the album where all the songs spoke to me first.

All-time favourite U2 album:Achtung Baby

First U2 album you owned:POP

U2 albums you haven't got (yet): I have them all, both on CD and vinyl (plus bootlegs, soundtrack singles, singles, the Target store promo, videos....)

Favourite U2 era: The Zoo TV era.

Least favourite U2 era: POPmart. Bono with a shaved head? Those bubble pants? Kitschy tour props? The Edge's funky cowboy hat? Adam's surgeon's outfit? Selling their tour at KMart? Meh!
Gimmie flying trabants and MacPhisto anyday :) Or even a heart shaped stage for that matter....

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