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Since my computer went kablooey a couple months back, I've been slowly working on getting back the bootlegs, live tracks and b-sides etc etc. It's never been a priority !shock horror! until now.

Those of you who've done a portfolio will appreciate what I mean when I say...help! I'm going loopy, it's doing my head in. Oh the humanity, oh the horror. Kill me. Kill me now.

So ladies and gents, can any of you help me with these particulars? Because not only will it help me actually do my portfolio (read: procrastinate a little longer), but it'll ease the pain of having to do 10 designs in two weeks.

*Summer Rain
*The Three Sunrises
*Slow Dancing
*Two Shots of Happy, One Shot of Sad
*Paint it Black
*Lady with the Spinning Head

That's what I need right now and any live tracks you can recommend.
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