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So I'm not sure if a lot of you haven't been following the WGA strike, but a lot of television writers have been 'blogging' about the current situation. I haven't really been keeping up with it much myself, but I do daily visit The No Fact Zone Blog. There was something on there today that really caught my eye. They had a link to writer and actress, Mindy Kaling's (Kelly from NBC's The Office) blog that mentioned one of our favorite lead singers. I had to laugh, and on some level had to completely agree:

Now it’s like, what Africa is to Bono, the WGA negotiations are to me. (Sure, Bono is a better musician than I am a writer, but the trade-off is I bombard people a lot less then Bono talks about Africa and stuff. I mean, I would actually have to think twice whether I would sit next to the guy at a dinner party, cuz I’d be like, oh s#!t, here comes the dissertation on the UN or whatever. Honestly, what does The Edge do?).

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