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"Hannah Montana" getting priority over U2:3D??

This is for all the USA fans going to see U2:3D...

Apparently my local AMC theater (AMC 12 in Sarasota,FL) has pulled its U2:3D poster from the floor and is not getting the movie, thanks to Disney's release of the Hannah Montana 3D concert. (Which btw, is being billed as the first event of its' kind--last time I checked, that was false advertising.)

If this is happening in my city, how many other cities are giving Disney and Hannah Montana priority over U2?? Everyone planning on seeing U2:3D needs to call and check with their local theaters and MAKE SURE you are actually getting it.

As for me, luckily I have an IMAX up in Tampa that is showing hour's drive and $13 a ticket isn't the end of the world. I still feel like writing a strongly worded letter to Disney, and also finding a way to inform our beloved boys that some teenybopper is stealing their thunder. *sigh*
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