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The first of many....

So, Mental Floss is my absolutely favorite magazine. 'Tis a magazine for nerds, filled with all sorts of trivia, history, art, and pop culture. They also have a blog, and someone reviewed U23D.

Link Here, which includes a new preview, not much different from the one on the website.

Finally emerging from the shadows of cheap gimmickry, where it has resided virtually since 3-D movies started popping up in the 1920s, I think it’s instead becoming a artistic choice — like anamorphic widescreen and black-and-white — that can seriously enhance the movie-going experience. There are an increasing number of movies you can see in 3-D now, though they’re still mostly relegated to the 60-or-so IMAX theaters around the country, though Beowulf was a recent exception. (In fact, Beowulf director Robert Zemeckis is among an increasing minority of filmmakers who are pledging to release upcoming films in both 2- and 3-D. James Cameron’s epic Avatar will be another one to watch for.)

I probably would’ve liked Beowulf in 2-D just fine — it’s a big fun popcorn movie, not high art, either way you slice it — but I caught an advance screening of U23D last night (a friend produced it), and honestly, it blew Beowulf out of the 3-D water. It’s nothing more than a well-done concert film, shot during the South American leg of U2’s “Vertigo” tour, but in 3-D on the big screen, it became a really unique movie experience. It’s not even that I’m huge U2 fan (don’t get me wrong, I like ‘em as much as the next person), but the three-dimensionality of the film evoked the experience of being in a huge 70,000-person arena, filled to capacity and rockin’, like nothing else short of being there. Honestly, I’d rather watch U2 in 3-D than actually have been there, getting sweat on by a thousand strangers in the nosebleeds, and probably watching most of the event on the Jumbo-Tron anyway. U23D premieres at Sundance this weekend, comes out in IMAX theaters soon after, and by the end of the month will hit 500 screens across the country — so catch it if you can, and let us know what you thought!

By the way, he describes my GA experience perfectly...

On a different note...

I am the only person in my circle of family and friends that is a certified U2aholic. (Do they have certification for that, really?) But as most of them have a fairly decent taste in music, they all like U2 in varying degrees, themselves. So I am planning this big shin-dig, I've been e-mailing, trying to set a date. I sent them all a link to the website, and pleaded with them to watch the trailer, which I adored. Tonight I was talking with my mother, who thought the trailer was nothing special, but had a question that I couldn't answer...

Why do Bono and Edge remain single-named and monosyllabic.... while Adam and Larry are billed as Adam Clayton and Larry Mullen Jr? Why isn't it just Bono, Edge, Adam, Larry? Or... Bono Hewson, Edge Evans, Adam Clayton, and Larry Mullen Jr? Honestly, that reads pretty atrociously. But anyway... thoughts?
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