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Tri-state meetup for U2 3D!

Hey!  I've done some deep thinking, and from the following facts . . .
  • I'm going to see U2 3D at the Palisades Center in West Nyack, NY, next Saturday, and
  • I'd much rather go with a group of people than alone, and
  • other people must feel the same way, and
  • none of my friends around here are big U2 fans :( , and
  • that the map thing-jiggy on the community info page seems pretty full in the northeast United States . . .

I have concluded that . . .

  • a bunch of us might just want to go together!

Crazy, isn't it?  So here's the deal:
where: Palisades Center in West Nyack, NY (if you're wondering how far that is from you, click the handy dandy Google Maps link)
when: Saturday, February 2, 6:15 showing
what: get your tickets (might be best to buy them in advance here) and meet outside the IMAX theaters at 5:30, then anyone who wants to stick around could grab a bite to eat afterwards

Simple enough!  Any takers?  I'm about 90 minutes away from the Palisades Center, so no finking out if you're closer than that!  Also, I'm willing to pick up anyone vaguely on the way (south of Poughkeepsie in the mid-Hudson Valley)--I'm sure other people would do the same in other areas.

Comment here and we'll start working out the details!


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