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New album in October?

New album in October? It would seem so.

The news article about Paul McGuinness vs. illegal downloaders has already been posted, so let's not get into that.

However, another article on the subject has surfaced, which features an interesting tidbit:

"U2 will release a new album in October, Mr McGuinness said, which would be a collaboration with the producers Brian Eno and Daniel Lanois."

This is not really news, as fans have been saying 'Fall 08' since at least late 2005 =P But this does narrow it down from 'October or November', and sooner is always better, so yay for October. This hypothetically means the first single could be out as early as August. Maybe it'll be all awesome and politically charged in time for the presidential elections.
Or maybe that's dumb hope. It'll probably be some lame song called 'The Heart of Kneeling Souls' =P (note, I can't take credit for that song title, someone on Interference came up with it some months back ;P)
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