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More Best of news..FROM U2SWISSHOME.COM has received exclusive information from Universal
Music about the upcoming U2 single and album release. The exact title
of the "Best Of" compilation is not know yet, but it is thought from
various rumors that the album will cover the years 1990-2001. Now can exclusively reveal the following information:

16 September 2002: New U2 single released to radio
21 October 2002: New U2 single - commercial release

11 November 2002: New U2 "Best Of" compilation released as double CD

The first CD will include 17 tracks, including the brand new U2
single, as well as another new track. The bonus disc will feature
rarities and b-sides from the 90s.

18 November 2002: New U2 "Best Of" compilation released as standard
single-disc edition.

Early December 2002: New U2 "Best Of 1990 - 2000" DVD release. This
DVD will include the video clips to all tracks from the CD as well as
special features.

Promotion Activities
The following material will be used to promote these releases:
-U2 "Live At Slane Castle," a 45-50 minute film of the U2 concert,
Slane Castle, 1 September 2001
-'Track by track' video interview
-TV performance of the new U2 Single (with and without "Top Of The
Pops" logo)
-The band will not be available for further promotion.

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