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February 5th, 2008

Cleveland / Ohio U2 fans @ 12:26 pm

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Is there any other Cleveland / Near Cleveland / Ohio U2 fans on here?

If so, there's going to be lots of fun on February 15th for our turn to see U23D!! Info under the cut!

You should come if you can! It's going to be awesome! :)

CLEVELAND, Ohio—Friday, February 15th is the day U2 fans in Northeast Ohio and beyond have been waiting for: The Cleveland premiere of “U23D,” the first live-action 3D concert movie, featuring the biggest band in the world, U2. This is the first 3D concert film of its kind, and it is generating rave reviews nationwide.

In conjunction with the film’s premiere at the Cinemark 24 Theater in Valley View, the U2 tribute band, The U-2 Incident, will extend the multi-sensory experience for fans that evening. Champps Americana Restaurant, 5989 Canal Road, Valley View, will host The U-2 Incident for two 90 minute live tribute shows at 9:30pm and 11:30pm. Each show includes all of U2’s best-known and most-loved songs, along with an incredible on-stage video show. When fans leave the 3D film craving even more U2, The U-2 Incident will offer an outlet for their excitement at Champps, conveniently located next door to the theater.

In addition to recreating the look and sound of U2, The U-2 Incident will follow in the band’s philanthropic footsteps by raising funds for the ONE Campaign, which seeks to eliminate global AIDS and extreme poverty. White ONE Campaign bracelets will be available at the show for $1.00, with proceeds going directly to the ONE Campaign. Fans can also make a financial contribution to the campaign the evening of the show. More information about ONE can be found online at

Discounted admission vouchers for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame will also be available to all in attendance at The U-2 Incident shows at Champps February 15th. The vouchers will provide fans with significant savings on a visit to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame where they can further extend the celebration of their favorite music.

Based in Canton, Ohio, The U-2 Incident strives to be the Ultimate U2 tribute band. The band is comprised of Chris Stafford (Bono), Rick Friedline (The Edge), Greg Maxin (Adam Clayton), and Bob Devereaux (Larry Mullen, Jr.). The U-2 Incident painstakingly recreates both the look and sound of all eras of U2's long history. For more information, visit the band online at

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