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The U2 Joshua Tree Landmark

My journey began 20 years ago. On December 19-20, 1987, I attended two U2 concerts that were held at Sun Devil Stadium in Tempe Arizona. These shows were the final shows of the Joshua Tree Tour. They were being shot for the upcoming movie Rattle & Hum.

I recall gathering information regarding the Joshua Tree Photo Shoot in the California Desert. Clues provided from books were Brodie, Death Valley, and Joshua Tree National Park. Being a California native, ventures into the desert regions were very easy for me to do. I had found the Melody Motel in the Joshua Tree area around 1988. I was never really sure were the actual Joshua Tree location was. I search and search on my many journeys into the vase regions of the California desert in hopes of finding the tree.

This journey began on February 10, 2008. This time armed with good clues obtained from the internet. I was determined to find it. Driving up the highway into the region described, I felt like I was searching for a needle in a hay stack.

Reaching the location that is mentioned on a website. I thought that there was way to many trees and the mountains looked wrong. So I turned my vehicle around and drove. Joshua Tree’s peppered the landscape on both sides of the road.

Finally out of frustration I stopped the vehicle. Then turn around and parked. I got out of the vehicle and began walking straight out into the plain. I proceeded down then back up out of a wash. This is when I saw the tree on the ground. My heart began to pound as I began to run to the tree. As I grew closer I could see that I had indeed found what I was looking for...


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