Princess Strokenham (fiveandfour) wrote in u2,
Princess Strokenham

Is it Just Me?

I'll try not to influence your opinion before you give it, so let's start first with a short poll:

Comments such as Edna Gunderson's on this U23D ad are:

Enticing and Intriguiging - inside jokes like this are made of rainbows and win
Annoying and Cutesy - inside jokes like this are made of pain(bows) and suffering
Secret Option #3 which I'll never explain, NEVER, mwah ha ha. (Or maybe I will in a comment.)

Most often, this kind of thing DRIVES ME NUTS. Because it comes off to me as "oh, look at me, I can be all clever with my blurb and stuff". It seems to be selling the commentor and his/her "wit" more than what's being commented upon. You've the "you too" quips a gajillion times by now so you *must* know what I'm talking about. All I want to say to any journalist who's pondering using a pun is No. Just...No.

OK. Mini-rant over. Now come comfort me and pet me and promise to sooth me with some rare live bootleg of Until the End of the World I've never heard before. Oh, and tell me I'm right.
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