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I made a comment when U23D first came. It was about it being 2008 and how I was going to drive a ridiculously long way to go see a movie of a concert I’ve already seen. People took it completely the wrong way. I was upset because I didn’t have the money for the road trip. I didn’t have time for the road trip. But I was going to do it anyway because I love U2. I love this band more than life itself. I was frustrated. And then I was frustrated more when people took what I said completely the wrong way. So, I’d like to erase that and pretend I never said anything.
There have been several events over the past few months that have made me fall in love with U2, more so than I already am. I didn’t think it was possible. I love this band more than I can even begin to describe. How could I possibly love them even more?
When there is breaks between albums and tours, I usually venture out of my U2 listening for a while and I explore others bands I love and new bands. I still listen to U2 a lot, but I give my other bands I love a chance.
So, when U23D came out, it had been a few weeks since I listened to U2. But I was pumped. I was ready to drive a total of 4 hours to see it. And then to my surprise, they added more cities at a later date. So, I decided to wait. It would just be better for me financially and I wouldn’t have to drive 4 hours. Yay!
Now, Cleveland used to have a U2 cover band (which I just found out they are back!) and it has been some years since our local one has been around. I found out Vertigo USA was playing in Cleveland at the House of Blues. I was super excited! I was actually wanting so badly to hear some U2 songs live, so this was perfect. My friend and I headed to the House of Blues and was completely surprised to see the smaller stage they played in, completely full. They sold out! I met up with my other friend and her friends. We dubbed ourselves U2 super fans…and it turns out everyone around us was U2 super fans. It was awesome! I lost my voice. We screamed for Party Girl after EVERY song! We danced, sang, and just had an awesome time. I remember Greg, the guitarist from the former band he was in and the U2 conventions...(I had to remind him – and those of you who were at the conventions…the last one in particular…I was the girl who wore the mullet wig!) It was awesome to talk to him and to find out Party Girl was on the set list and he heard us screaming it! And then to be told by the singer, his name escapes me at the moment, but that he was looking at me for words a lot of the time…awesome! Love it! And we met these foreign exchange students afterwards who were in the crowd behind us and love U2…Veritgo USA was there first concert in America. They were very cool. I was really happy that night and for the next few days. U2 just makes me really happy.
This renewed something in me. It’s like I discovered U2 for the first time all over again. I just started listening to them again constantly. I was listening to albums that I have not listened to in a long time. I fell completely in love with them, all over again.
Not too long after that, I started hearing U2 songs pretty much every where I went. The best was…I went to this new British/Irish/Scottish pub here and they played Lemon! My jaw dropped. I’ve NEVER heard Lemon without me playing it. It was awesome. And I was somewhere else just recently and I heard Drowning Man! I love hearing U2 on the radio, or when I’m out places…it makes me happy.
Then it was my turn to see U23D. I was disappointed by a not very fun crowd…eating popcorn and just sitting there. It was hard not to dance and sing along. I clapped after the songs and cheered at the end. It was too awesome to sit there and not do anything. I had a few moments where my heart stopped and I couldn’t breathe (Sunday Bloody Sunday…I died). I went through all the emotions that I normally go through at a U2 concert. I cried, several times. My only complaint is that it was too short. I loved it. I loved it soooooooooooo much! I left the theater and bought tickets for the last showing that night. I headed to the restaurant next door where a U2 cover band was playing. Even if it is not U2, I love hearing U2’s music live. It keeps me sane when U2 isn’t touring. So that was awesome…to hear songs that U2 doesn’t usually play live (11 O’clock Tick Tock!) and I was very happy because the band, The U-2 Incident, played Party Girl! After watching them, I headed back into the theater to see U23D for the 2nd time. Again, if it’s possible, I fell even more in love with them. As I said, U2 makes me happy. I don’t know what it is about them but they own me, emotionally, and well I guess they just own me! I love U23D. It was cool to see things you don’t normally see…like what was Larry drinking? It’s orange and has ice cubes in it! I love Dallas…so I was excited to see him a few times and I loved the beginning of The Fly (“I don’t know what’s going on Dallas, but it ain’t working!”). I love it. I just saw it again for the 3rd time! And I want to see it again.
As I was watching it for the 3rd, I was thinking that I really don’t understand how people don’t like U2. I really don’t get it. I know a lot of people don’t like Bono, which I really don’t get, but I can understand with all that he does that people get sick of hearing his speeches and whatnot. I’m a Bono girl. I love him! I may be a little biased because of that but I personally think that what he is doing is amazing. He’s using his celebrity in a good way. But anyway, it’s just hard to understand why people don’t like them.
U2 is more than a band to me. They’ve got me through some hard times. They continue to get me through, all the time. I honestly could not live without this band. I’ve met some of my best friends because of this band. And I know I couldn’t live without these people now. We have a special connection/bond that is unbreakable.
Just like with my friends, I have a bond with U2. That is completely unbreakable. I would follow this band to the ends of the earth. I would have driven 4 hours to see U23D. I will always continue to travel and see them live. They are very much apart of my life. And if you aren’t a U2 crazy or a U2 super fan, you just won’t get it. But I know there are a ton of people out there like me. U2 is my favorite band and I will continue to follow and love them no matter what.
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