The_Ghost_of_Barry_Fairbrother (reecord2) wrote in u2,

Being a U2 fan, and a fan of Bono I'm sure many of you are confronted with this complaint: that Bono shouldn't be talking about politics, what does he know about AIDS in Africa, or Global Warming blahblahblah, and that rock stars should just stick to music, etc. Maybe you agree with this, but I personally don't see what is so terrible about someone who is in a position to inform the mainstream doing so. He's not doing it for money (for obvious reasons) he's not doing it for fame (because he can't possibly become more famous) and we all know for a fact the band isn't always happy about his constant crusading. So what do you say to these detractors? Do you even engage them at all? I'm just tired of hearing people whine about it. That's all. Kbye.
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