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A Question and a Favor

Hi everyone! I'm brand new to this community and I have a question and a favor to ask.

I haven't seen it mentioned anywhere, but I've noticed that during live performances of "One" Bono almost always sings "lepers in your bed" instead of "lepers in you head". I'm aware that Bono often changes up or extemporizes song lyrics but I was curios as to whether there was ever any reason or theory on why he tends to say "bed" instead of "head". It's been bugging me.

Secondly I was wondering if anyone has an mp3 of U2's performance of "Walk On" at the 2002 Grammy awards. I love that performance but I can't seem to locate an audio version of it to play obsessively on my iPod.

(Yes this is the best I can do U2 icon-wise. Must fix that.)
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