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Lucky fan gets invited to join the band in the studio!

As if we needed any more proof that U2 are awesome, they invited an Alaskan fan named Susan, who'd travelled to Dublin to try and meet them, into the studio for a couple of hours, to sit in their midst and soak up the music.

Raise your hand if you're jealous. *raises hers*


Yeah, some people get pushy but I wasn't going to act like them - I knew I had all week and I'd get my chance. There were a lot of people there on Tuesday and Wednesday and Bono didn't stay out very long (a couple of minutes). I did manage to get my book signed on Tuesday and on Wednesday night (actually very early Thursday morning) got Edge and Adam to sign it too.

Sam told me to come on inside at about 3:30 on Friday. Bono was standing at the top of the stairs and told me to come up. I walked in the studio and there was Paul McGuinness, Brian Eno, Danny Lanois, Dallas, Edge, Adam, and a couple of techs. Danny told me to grab a seat on the couch. Bono came back in and they were ready to start playing over some vocals that had been previously recorded. Dallas was running around making sure the guitars were in tune and the effects were set right. After the first run through Larry came in. Bono was sitting on the couch next to me playing the Irish Falcon. Edge was about 10 feet away from me. It was so cool being that close to the man that inspired me to learn to play guitar. I did see the name of the song they were playing but don't want to give it away (I'm sure the band doesn't want it to get out yet). They played it about 8 times while I was there. Interesting to listen in on the talk between takes. BTW, the song was amazing!


Maybe she'll crack soon and at least give us a hint of what it sounds like. My guess is that this may be what will become the first single, and they're getting it perfect for a late summer release, followed by an autumn release of the album. I'm told that during the summer of 2004, Bono drove some fans around in his car, playing Vertigo on the stereo, so it wouldn't be the first time they did something like this.
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