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More news on the upcoming album!

So, a fan who'd been at Hanover Quay during the last week spoke to Sam O'Sullivan (Larry's drum tech) who revealed a few things about just what U2 are up to. The message was originally posted on Zootopia, then reposted on Interference, and I'll post it here now for you all:

"One part of album will have strong Moroccan influence for definite. The singles have been picked and work is commencing on Radio edits of all. Band deciding what tracks are going on to album. Also some very up tempo / hard stuff on there

Be there for 3 weeks minimum but maybe up to six depending on progress with mixes, video, photography etc. On schedule for November release but if they dont make that it will be March with tour delayed. Will not rush it out as they dont want another POP scenario.

Sounds like good news to me. Especially the mention of the word 'hard'. And if they're far enough along to be picking a tracklisting and doing radio edits, I'd say there's a damn good chance we'll get a fall release. The 'March' scenario is probably just being thrown out there as a precaution in case something goes wrong.
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