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Battle Of The Videos: Champion Of Champions

And so Battle Of The Videos is drawing to a close... here are all your favourites!

Representing War (and before)... New Year's Day
A comfortable victory for this video, with A Celebration in second place and not much between the others.

Representing The Unforgettable Fire... The Unforgettable Fire
Won by an even bigger margin. The first version of Pride was runner-up.

Representing The Joshua Tree... Where The Streets Have No Name
This round was pretty close! Streets only won by 6 votes, and WOWY beat ISHFWILF by just 1 vote to claim second place. The long-awaited Red Hill Mining Town video only scored a single vote!

Representing Rattle & Hum... All I Want Is You
A fairly easy win ahead of Desire. Nobody voted for When Love Comes To Town at all.

Representing Achtung Baby... One (drag version)
This one never looked like losing either. Second place *just* goes to the bar version of One, not far ahead of Mysterious Ways and The Fly.

Also representing Achtung Baby... Even Better Than The Real Thing
It looked close for a while, but EBTTRT eventually beat WGRYWH by just 4 votes.

Representing Zooropa... Stay (Faraway, So Close!)
Quite a large victory margin here. Numb was second and Lemon was third.

Representing Pop... Discothèque
Wiped the floor with the competition! Staring At The Sun was a distant second, just ahead of Last Night On Earth.

Representing the Best Of 1980-1990... Sweetest Thing
No competition whatsoever. This song had the biggest lead of any round, scoring 34 more votes than If God Will Send His Angels, which just beat Please to second place.

Representing All That You Can't Leave Behind... Beautiful Day
Very nearly lost its crown to Stuck In A Moment at one point, but won by 8 votes in the end.

Representing the Best Of 1990-2000... Electrical Storm
The highest-scoring winner, with 48 votes. Elevation easily took second place, while The Hands That Built America didn't get any votes.

Representing How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb... Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own
Scored more than twice as many votes as runner-up Vertigo.

Also representing How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb... All Because Of You
A surprisingly clear victory over Original Of The Species (Version 1 was just slightly more popular than Version 2).

Representing U218... Window In The Skies (Version 1)
Won by miles. The Saints Are Coming beat Version 2 of WITS, but not by much.

And now it's time for the big one - picking your overall winner!
Remember this should be based purely on how much you like the VIDEO, not the song...

Poll #1185718 Battle Of The Videos: Champion Of Champions

Which video is your favourite?

New Year's Day
The Unforgettable Fire
Where The Streets Have No Name
All I Want Is You
One (drag version)
Even Better Than The Real Thing
Stay (Faraway, So Close!)
Sweetest Thing
Beautiful Day (airport version)
Electrical Storm
Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own
All Because Of You
Window In The Skies (music history version)

Do explain your choice in the comments. I want to know WHY you voted for this video above all the others!
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