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Yes, I know that I'm a bit behind, but there's the survey:

Most underrated U2 song: The Unforgettable Fire. That song was beautifully written and produced, but I don't think it had much success as a single.

Most overrated U2 song: Lately, I would have to say Stuck in a Moment. The radio stations down here play it constantly, and I feel that it's giving U2 a rep as a typical pop-rock band.

Most underrated U2 album: Zooropa or Pop. Zooropa because it was so advanced, but it got lost beneath the ZooTV hoopla. Pop because it is incredibly enjoyable, but it was so different that a lot of people couldn't stomach it.

Most overrated U2 album: Probably ALTYCLB. While I LOVE the album, it's gotten a lot of praise that other albums deserve.

First U2 song you ever heard: I believe it was Sunday Bloody Sunday. Please keep in mind that I was born and raised on U2. SBS scared me when I was little so I think it's the first song I heard.

First U2 song you heard and loved:: Probably Who's Going to Ride Your Wild Horses. I was a bit older by that time, and I distinctly remember riding my bike down the road with my dad's headset and screaming the lyrics to that song.

All-time favourite U2 song: Ultraviolet Light. It's just a dark-love song that never fails to enlighten me EVER SINGLE TIME i hear it.

All-time favourite U2 album: Tough one... it's a toss up between Achtung Baby and the Unforgettable Fire.

First U2 album you owned: The Joshua Tree

U2 albums you haven't got on CD: I have the tapes to War, Live at Red Rocks, and Zooropa, but not the cd (sniffle)

Favourite U2 era: I loved the sarcastic anti-commercialism that Pop represented, but I think that ZooTV was better executed.

Least favourite U2 era: Keep in mind that I LOVEall of them, but the least would have to be their early Christian-phase because they were a bit too self-righteous for my liking.

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