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Five Things You May Not Know About The U2 Remasters

1. The Japanese deluxe version of Boy has two tracks not seen on any of the other editions, 'Bad Weed Blues' and 'Side Split'.

2. Delivery on the Amazon exclusive boxset has been delayed until August 8. (I'm sure my credit card will be grateful for the reprieve.) However, Zavvi in the UK have a very similar deal, same box but without the poster.

3. The HMV bonus t-shirt for War is clearly the result of playing with Wordle.

4. Following in U2's fine tradition of proof-reading and quality control, the October HMV pack says it contains the War t-shirt (it doesn't).

5. Live at Red Rocks and UABRS are allegedly coming out September 30 (see above re credit card relief). I hear the deluxe Red Rocks will be a dvd and cd set.
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