Peter (brandokowalski) wrote in u2,

I just thought I'd mention, I was browsing Amoeba Music today and stumbled upon a 3-Disc Collection called U2 Salome: The Axtung Beibi Outtakes. It's pretty awesome, with a lot of songs in their early stages. It's over 3 and a half hours of material, nine tracks of which are versions of Salome. The rest is simply some of our favorites in early stages. There was one song called Take You Down, that I couldn't tell if it was an early version of The Fly or Ultraviolet. There were several early So Cruel's and one very cool early stage for Until the End of the World. I imagine there are plenty of die-hards who already own this and are familiar with everything I'm referring to, but it was still pretty cool for me to find. Does anyone else have it?
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