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New album rumours, tidbits, and ambiguous clips!

It's long overdue that I should make an entry like this here, but life gets in the way... yes it even gets in the way of my simultaneous LJ and U2 obsessions. But hopefully this will be good enough to make up for the delay.

Let's start with the basics. U2 have registered the domain name for No Line on the Horizon. We know they've recorded a song by that name. It's likely that this will be the first single, as they registered a domain name for Vertigo before HTDAAB came out... although they apparently intended that album to be called Vertigo for a while, so we'll see.

That of course brings us to another rumour. Someone in the U2 camp supposedly said the new album will be called No Line on the Horizon, but that's subject to change.

It's been reported that Anton Corbijn has been filming a video for U2 in Spain, which involves some guy on a motorcycle, although the band don't appear in the footage being shot there, rumour has it that they're supposed to (or already have) shot separate greenscreen footage. However, the source above who said NLOTH was the album title also said this filming will be for a U2 iTunes ad. Most fans find this a bit unlikely though, as directing an iTunes ad seems a little bit beneath Anton Corbijn's prowess.

Sources tell us that the album is finished, as well as the album photography. Sources say the photography was done at Dollymount beach, north of Dublin. U2 have had photo sessions there before, particularly in their early days.

But most importantly, over the last few months, U2 have been releasing brief fly-on-the-wall videos on their website, giving us just a small inside peak at what's going on in the studio. While some of the videos tell us next to nothing, a few have provided juicy bits of music, which are enough to cause mass salivation among us hardcore fans.

The video clips so far, in order of release:

Show of hands, who's getting freaking excited?

We can expect to hear the first single by the end of next month =)

Worth the delay? =)

Info gathered from various sources, mostly the Interference forums.
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