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U2 Sexy Boots Riff Is All Over YouTube

I get this email on music news from Australia, and here is one intersting and funny article, clever U2 fans :)

U2 Sexy Boots Riff Is All Over YouTube

by Paul Cashmere - August 18 2008
photo by Ros O'Gorman

Bono is either really stupid or really smart. After a very loud listening session of the new U2 album to himself at his house in the South of France, one clever fan recorded the songs blaring from Bono’s open window.

The fan put video footage of the house complete with U2’s ‘Sexy Boots’ as the soundtrack on YouTube but was soon ordered to remove it due to copyright infringement.

That may have been where the story ends, but it isn’t. Other fans who had heard the YouTube footage have now recorded the riff and now have their own versions up on YouTube.

‘Sexy Boots’ is yet to be announced as the first single from the yet to be announced next album which is expected to be called ‘No Line On The Horizon’, as reported by Undercover last week.

The album is due in November.
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