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Interesting article

Ok so I get emails from this Australian music website. and this is the article they posted today:
Listen To The New U2 Song Now

by Paul Cashmere - August 29 2008
photo by Ros O'Gorman

The new U2 song is now online. (Well, at least the drum part is). Larry Mullen Jr can be viewed laying down the drum beat for the new U2 single `Sexy Boots` now at their website.

`Sexy Boots` will be the first single from album, which expected to be called `No Line On The Horizon`.

The band has already been behind a well-hyped publicity stunt to raise awareness of the album. Bono “accidentally” played the new album very loud through an open window, a fan heard it, recorded it and before you knew it, fans all over the world were doing their own versions of the `Sexy Boots` riff and putting it on YouTube.

You have to say one thing; Bono does deserve a marketing award for that.

`No Line On The Horizon` will be released in November, which means that before the year is out we will hear new albums from U2, Metallica, AC/DC and possibly Guns `N Roses.

Listen to Larry laying down the drums for Sexy Boots at

I go to and nothing is there! im not a subscriber to it, so maybe only subscribers can listen to it? ANY IDEAS?
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