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Under a Thundercloud & Rain

I picked up my copy of "Under a Blood Red Sky" on DVD the other week, and popped it right into my DVD player. I've had the bootleg of the actual Red Rocks show on my iPod for about a year now, (Since 'Under a Blood Red Sky', the album, was recorded at a different time than the actual Red Rocks show) and I was doubly impressed with the visual quality. The sound was nothing new to me, because the bootleg I have is very crisp.

But you already know all of that; you've all seen it. Which brings me to my question- Did anyone else's copy have long white streaks going up and down the screen throughout the concert? It looked like light had damaged the film or something- it was just a white scratch running all up and down the screen, fading in and out throughout the concert. I've seen some crappy video boots of the boys before, but this made it really hard to watch UABRS! Just curious if anyone else noticed this as predominantly as I did. I'm sure my copy isn't defective, but hey, that could always be the case as well.

Something else crossed my mind the other day, too. U2 has stuck with the same format of releasing live material since ZooTV. The only exceptions have been Elevation and Vertigo, each having two DVD releases of performances. Both, of course, were extremely different views of the show- Elevation releasing the arena and open venue performances, and Veritgo releasing the arena and stadium performances (not to mention U23D). Pearl Jam and The Who have both tried the concept of releasing every show from the tour on some medium. Pearl Jam did CD only, and The Who did a CD/DVD combo option. The production quality was crap, of course, since you were basically watching the video put through the video monitors at the show, but it was still a cool keepsake to remember the show by. U2's shows are a much bigger spectacle than you could take in with a DVD like that, but what are your thoughts on them attempting to release every show's audio on CD? And, while we're at it, which ones would you buy and why? Here's my list-

*Chicago (United Center)
-My home concert location!

*New York (Madison Square Garden)
-I've heard nothing but great things about U2 and this venue. They say that MSG is where the best of the best shows happen.

*South America (Anywhere)
-U23D proved that crowd energy does a LOT to a band's performance.

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