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On November 14th I got married at a refurbished 1940's movie theater that has been converted to a place where they have events, dinners, concerts and of course weddings. When you rent the theater for such an event you can use the marquee outside. So we did and we put this on it:


And when we were announced as a couple for the first time and came into the reception, we had The Sweetest Thing playing. I don't know if anyone but my friends who like U2 and my husband understood the marquee, but I still loved it.

At the reception I had carefully picked out the playlist in advance (months in advance!) and plugged my ipod into their sound system (cause I am so picky about my music!) And we played quite a few U2 songs on that playlist. A long with like The Cure, The Beatles/John Lennon, Snow Patrol, and others. Towards the end of our reception the manager pulled my husband aside and gave him a bottle of champagne and said "thank you for not playing the same terrible wedding music I always have to hear. This music was so much better" And several people that worked there mentioned that this music was a lot better than what they always hear there. I loved it!
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