Chass (sapphires13) wrote in u2,

New U2 Christmas song with video, and new info regarding the new album.

So yesterday, U2 released their new Christmas song, for (RED) Wire, a digital music magazine for Project (RED).

Go here and look at the sidebar on the right for links to the new Christmas song and others:

The song is a cover of Greg Lake's "I Believe in Father Christmas". The song is a bit more subdued than U2's previous Christmas song (which was what, 20 years ago?), "Baby, Please Come Home". There's also Bono's intro video, which is quite odd, involving Bono in the dark, holding a flashlight, and talking about aliens.

The videos are also up on YouTube, though I'm too pressed to link at this time.

SECONDLY. Rumour has it that U2 will be on the cover of next month's Q. This is consistent with U2's timeline of being on the cover prior to a new album being released. Rumour also has it that the album will be out February 23rd, and be called No Line on the Horizon.

Some resourceful fans have also managed to turn up a couple more goodies, which look to be from the set of a new video for the new album.

First found this brief clip from the set. Then another fan ran across some photos from the same set on a professional cinematic photographer's website ( Though the images are no longer available through her site (she must have gotten wind of us finding them!), I've reuploaded them for you all.

Enjoy =)
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