A Distressed Leather Chemise (needleandspoon) wrote in u2,
A Distressed Leather Chemise

new U2 album tracklisting?

Only ten eleven songs, by the looks of things, but on the upside, Mercy seems to have been mercifully consigned the scrapheap \o/ (I know some of you like it; I find it 5 minutes of lyrical purgatory). I guess we'll see some of the also-rans appear in some sort of download-only package at some point, though I seriously doubt there are "50-60" whole, finished songs to choose from. I'm a tiny bit disappointed there seems to be only ten songs, putting it on par with the smaller albums like Zooropa, but I'd rather have ten winners than twelve also-rans. [Thanks, la_woman for the update.]

No Line on the Horizon
Get Your Boots On
Crazy Tonight
Stand Up
Unknown Caller
Moments of Surrender
Every Breaking Wave
+ Cedars of Lebanon [added courtesy of la_woman]

More here.

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