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Awesome news!

From @U2:

We're hearing lots of buzz about the first single from U2's new album, which is expected to be "Get On Your Boots." Confirming anything has been a challenge today, but here's what we think we know:

* A fan in Boston tell us that WBCN radio announced on-air yesterday that the new U2 single will "hit the airwaves" next week. WBCN is, of course, a longtime U2-friendly radio station.
* But, a good source elsewhere is saying the single won't be on US radio until January 19.

We do know that U.S. radio stations typically receive new singles on Thursdays or Fridays for airing the following week. So, it sounds like the new single should be out in the next week or two at most. We've got feelers out in a bunch of places, and we'll update this as we hear more.

On a semi-related note, U2tour.de is reporting that the UK standard version of No Line On The Horizon will include a bonus track. The U.K. and Japan typically get these bonus tracks. U2tour.de also expects the bonus track will be available on some of the limited editions of the album, too.

For real, I'm bursting with excitement. I can't believe it's finally just days away!! 

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