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Bono comes in for a bit of a bashing in this article from the Irish Times, posted on @u2. I don't necessarily disagree with some of what the writer is saying, but I have a few issues with the whole 'U2 are not musically relevant' argument. Plus, I don't think that Bono saying stuff about dreams in the middle of a song means he doesn't have a clue what's going on. He can't exactly expand his thoughts into a 20,000 word thesis when he's on stage. (But I admit I did LOL at the part where he looked like a man who'd left the gas on.) And also, much as I like Bruce Springsteen (and I do) I only really like when he's doing the talky, narrative albums and not so much the stadium bombast. Because, y'know, Springsteen is also a stadium rocker.

Bono and Bruce are friends, of course, so who cares, ultimately. But I just felt like throwing this out there for other people's consideration.

ETA: Would help if I linked to the article, eh?


Don't worry, Bono, I still love you. Most of the time.
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