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You Know you’re U2-Obsessed If...

Thought I'd post this here, and see if y'alls could help me make it longer... ;)

  1. you have every U2 song that’s been released since U2 was U2 in your iTunes library.
  2. you also have every song that a member of U2 sang/played on, such as Summer Wine, and I’ve Got you Under my Skin.
  3. you know each band member’s full name, plus those of their family members, and people who’ve worked with them, like Brain Eno, Daniel Lanois, etc.
  4. you’ve read U2, by U2, from cover to cover more than once.
  5. Vertigo 2005, Rattle and Hum, Live at Red Rocks, and other U2 concert/music videos are half your DVD collection.
  6. the other half are movies U2 were on the soundtrack of.
  7. you have a U2 lyric or quote for every occasion.
  8. you wear sunglasses 24/7.
  9. you traveled to Washington D.C. to attend the 'We are One' Obama inaugural concert, purely because U2 was playing in it.
  10. you’re developing an Irish accent, because you want to be mistaken for a fellow countryman/woman of the band.
  11. you met your significant other at a U2 concert.
  12. your greatest regret is that you were born after the Boy/October/War era—or you were too young to go to the ZooTV concerts.
  13. you know the significance of “Rock and Roll Stops the Traffic”.
  14. you own red horns and wear them regularly.
  15. you complain to anyone who will listen about how all the world blames you for all its evil...
  16. Zootopia is your internet home.
  17. you’ve taken to wearing your hair braided like Edge’s in the Rattle and Hum DVD.
  18. someone calls your old car a “lemon”, and you grin like they’ve paid you a great compliment.
  19. there’s a white band around your wrist, or a t-shirt you’re wearing with that all-important word “ONE” on it. :)
  20. you remember decades by what U2 album/s came out then.
  21. you named your Harley Davidson “Larry”.
  22. when you’re not listening to U2, you’re listening to people like Bob Dylan, B. B. King, Elvis, Sinatra, and The Beatles because of their U2 connections.
  23. you have an exact copy of the pair of Armani sunglasses that Bono is known for wearing enshrined in a glass case in a prominent place in your home.
  24. your will includes a mandate that U2 music must be played at your funeral, and you want to be buried in Ireland.
  25. you spend hours online looking up obscure references in U2 songs.
  26. anyone wearing a knit hat automatically reminds you of Edge.
  27. the word “vertigo” brings to mind a song—not a physical condition.
  28. you’ve tried to emulate “Bonogolese” in your poetry or songwriting.
  29. you know what “Bongolese” is.
  30. is your official internet browser start page (can’t miss the latest news!).
  31. you can finish the line, “off with the horns...”.
  32. you’re learning to play harmonica, so you play songs like Running to Stand Still, Desire, and Trip through your Wires.
  33. you literally dream at night of being the girl (or guy) Bono pulls from the audience to dance with.
  34. the suggestion that U2 are “no longer relevant” makes you feel like doing something drastic—until you remember their messages of tolerance.
  35. you’ve bought boots to wear to a concert of the as-of-yet-unannounced next U2 tour, because you just can’t wear sneakers to a show where they’re going to play Get on your Boots. ;>
  36. your-life long dream is to visit two countries—Ireland and Africa.
  37. your answering machine message is: “You’ve reached the offices of the United Nations. I’m sorry, we’re closed for lunch. But if you’re a small, third-world nation, facing genocide, please leave the name of your country, after the beep.”
  38. getting in a car with you is a really bad idea.
  39. you "joined a band to hit things".
  40. the number for this line brings a song into your head.
YOUR TURN! *grin*

...and no, I haven't done all these, unfortunately. ;)
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