Nicstar (nicstaru2) wrote in u2,

arghh piss me off

Yesterday morning I was driving up to the bay, listening to Triple J, and a segment came on about tribute songs, tribute albums etc etc. And the DJ woman announced to all that U2 were planning to release a tribute song for Sept 11, before then, along with a billion and one other artists planning to release "tribute songs" and "tribute albums" for it.

I was like huh? Surely with all the info we *do* manage to find out on here, surely by now I'd have heard about THAT one. The more I listened the more annoyed I became. Basically her theory was "yeah we expect that of U2, the band with the social conscious". Unfortunately I couldn't listen to the whole program, so am not sure if anything else about U2 was mentioned, but was wishing like mad I could ring her up (because they were taking calls) to find out where on earth she got her information about U2 and a tribute song, apart from the bloody newspaper. And everything started to fall into place.

Of course, some journalist picked up that U2 have a song coming out titled "The Hands That Built America" and automatically assume that its been written solely as a tribute song for Sept 11. RESEARCH YOU IDIOTS! *BEFORE* you put pen to paper. The song has actually been written for a movie and although some lyrics etc may be written with the thoughts of Sept 11 in the back Bono's mind, and there may be a subtle refernce to it here and there, therefore the song maybe influenced by the whole thing, it doesn't mean its suddenly a tribute song intended for the event, to be released around the time of it to get more sales, or to raise money for the whole thing.

Or am I wrong? Have I missed somewhere, that this is in fact going to be a tribute song. I hope not. I mean, and I can see I will be shot down in flames here, its a good cause or whatever, but as far as I am concerned, U2 did well paying their tribute to the tragedy at the Superbowl. And how bloody lame is it to have a song called "The Hands That Built America" as a tribute song to the whole thing.....its just reeks of tackyness. And I don't want to see U2 to become tacky like that. If they want to do a tribute song or something for it, I think I'd rather see something along the lines of Mothers Of The Disappeared being done....know what I mean??

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