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The first batch of dates will be announced on March 9

Live Nation’s Chairman of Global Touring, Arthur Fogel, has been talking about the upcoming U2 tour.

“I think fans will be very impressed,” he tells UK trade magazine Music Week. “U2 have always been on the cutting edge in terms of stage design and technology. Performing live is an art form in itself and there is no greater master of that than U2.”

As revealed in their current Hot Press cover story, the band will be playing ‘in the round’ with a 360-production. They’re eschewing indoor arenas, festivals and other ‘flat field’ events in favour of stadiums.

“Given the unique design of the production, it’s mandatory really,” Fogel resumes. “There is no front or back – we’re playing surrounded by the audience.”

As for ticket prices, “There will be an extreme tiering. I’ve always been a proponent of scaling. The notion of single price tickets is not something that I’ve ever embraced but I think that in this particular (economic) climate it’s important to really look at that tiering carefully.”

Music Week also quote Paul McGuinness as stating that details of the world tour will be announced on March 9, with approximately 25 shows in Europe and 25 in North America before Christmas. European ticket sales will commence on March 14 or 15 with the Irish leg expected to comprise of a three-night run in Croke Park on July 24, 25 and 27.
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