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Tour question

Hey, sorry for posting a new message for this but I’ve got an important question.

First of all, I just want to say that I love it that this community is vivid with life since the new album and thanks for everyone who keeps updating us. (:

Ok, U2 has been my favorite band for over 8 years and one of my biggest dreams is to see them live. I live in Israel and they've only been here once in 1997 (When I had no idea who they were) and I couldn't go to the last two tours, because on the first one I just got to know them and on the second I was in the army and I couldn't fly abroad.

But that's it! This time I'm going to see them! I'm going to fly somewhere in
Europe just so I could see them live! (:

So I wanted to know how hard it is to get tickets for their concerts? If I wake up early in the morning on March 9th and go straight to the computer? Will I have enough time to decide where to see them or just click on the first thing I see and buy a ticket? lol. (:
And can I buy a ticket for a concert in a different country without too much trouble? 

I know some of these questions are quite stupid, and I've bought tickets for concerts in England last year without too much troubles, but I'm just very nervous about it because it's one of my biggest dreams and this is my chance to see them and I don't want to miss it because of stupid things.

If you've any tips on buying tickets for a U2 concert please share with me!

Thank you. (: 

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