Moonshape Andraste (moonshape) wrote in u2,
Moonshape Andraste

2nd gig

So Holland got a 2nd gig. So yes, I've got tickets, for at least one day!

But we also have 2 tickets left over.

So far:

2 fieldplaces
2 seating places

2 field

The thing is, that Tessa wants to take a friend, who doesn't want to sit. We now both have tickets for 1 gig. Tessa+Matt and Me+ Maaike. We want to sell our seatings, so we can get two more fieldplaces (either 1 on the 20th and one on the 21th... or 2 for the 20th or the 21th....)

So we're going to see if we can trade them! Or sell them!

So is there anyone (from Holland) who would like to swap tickets? or maybe buy them off us? I can imagine all the U2 fans would want to be on the field, but I'm going to try it anyway!

but yay, at least tickets for one day!
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