kem_viva (kem_viva) wrote in u2,

Ticket question

Hey! Im new at the whole getting tickets for U2 thing, all of their previous tours I didnt even try getting tickets because I wouldnt have been able to go. This time I am really hoping to go though, to either New York or Boston, and I was wondering how hard its going to be to get tickets. Im not a member on the u2 site so I dont have a chance at the presale, and was wondering: 1. If I should sign up for it so i can get a chance at the presale, or is it too late for that. 2. If i dont, do you think i would still be able to get tickets. and 3. what site do they usually use to sell tickets on, oh yes and 4. what time do tickets go on sale? Thanks a ton for anyone who can help, im sure im not the only one out there freaking out about being able to get U2 tickets. : )
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