larochka173 (larochka173) wrote in u2,

New York

Okay, i'm one of those crazy people from Australia who stayed up till forever and bought tickets at 1am. I have GA tickets and am going with some friends who are local.

First, has anyone gotten their tickets yet? I had them shipped to a friend in California and they are so not there yet. (I also paid 3 business days...)

Second, I have only ever been to the concerts in Sydney. I lined up at 9am and got to the front. How does it work in the US? I have heard you have to line up overnight, sometimes there is a lottery (I think there was in the UK), etc. What do I need to do to get reasonably close. If I'm coming all the way over there I should make it worth my while.

Also, is anyone else going? Wouldn't mind meeting up & chatting in line :) I forsee I will be in that line a long time :P

Thank you very much
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