kat (bonoffee) wrote in u2,

Toronto ticket request.

Hi everyone,

I'm in a weird situation regarding tickets. I really, really need to see U2 this year. Seriously, I am desperate to have at least one GA experience, because I never have. Usually, I'd be in Scotland and booking a gig near home, but I'm in Canada until October, so I need to see them here. I wanted to do Vancouver (I live there), but unfortunately it's looking more and more likely that date will fall outside my visa/flight requirements. So instead, I want to see them in Toronto and then I can combine sightseeing with a gig!

Only problem is, because I am here temporarily, I can't get a credit card (no security, etc) and my debit card isn't one I can use online. So, my hands are kind of tied when it comes to nabbing a ticket. I absolutely hate not being able to do this myself, but so it has happened I need to turn to fellow fans.

Would someone, anyone, a very nice lovely person, be willing to buy me a GA ticket for Toronto? 16th would be amazing, but there's a new 17th date going on sale too and that would also be awesome. I'm looking into being able to pay via Paypal, but either way I have a cheque I can send, no problem, ASAP. It's so annoying that this is all out of my control, but I really have to ask, because I'd be so upset if I couldn't see them. I know it's a long shot, but on the off-chance someone can help, I'm posting.

Thanks in advance, and fingers crossed...!
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