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My own U2 world tour

I know there are many die-hard fans here who've seen U2 tons of times, and I've watched with amazement and amusement the posts here over the last couple weeks. But I just thought I'd share my own (possibly boring) story, with a happy ending.

I first saw U2 when I was in high school on the Joshua Tree tour in Miami. I was unfortunately "too young" to see them at any earlier tours, but no complaints now. Joshua Tree at the Orange Bowl was amazing.

Next show was Zoo TV Inside Broadcast at the Miami Arena, the summer before I went away to university in the midwest. Opening night of the tour, actually, and Bono phoned the space station. Luckily for me, they were starting the outside broadcast that Autumn, so I managed to catch them in Chicago. Bono phoned the local police station, I believe due to noise complaints for the previous night. But I was three times lucky in the Achtung Baby years... I studied in Italy that Spring, and managed to catch them AGAIN for Zooropa - in Rome! And this was my first general admission show, and I clawed and scratched my way to the front. Bono dressed as Mephisto and phoned the Vatican (asking for "The Holy Father"), and I caught a Zoo Ecu that he tossed to me (and a thousand others of course). Still have it.

So after that amazing experience, I was less worried about topping it (how COULD I?), so the next shows I just got whatever seats, making sure I was there. Popmart in Miami again, then I moved to Oregon and caught Elevation and Vertigo in Portland. And shortly before Vertigo, I managed to catch the lecture Bono gave at the Rose Garden, at which the infamous briefcase was returned. That was fab.

So now I live in Scotland, just a few blocks from Hampden Park in Glasgow. And happily, I have my £30 cheap seats to see them on Aug. 18th. Because, again, after seeing them "down in front" in Rome, how could I top it?

Well, it turns out that perhaps I can top it. Just this morning, dear friends in Ireland acquired one golden general admission ticket for me for Dublin. Indeed.

I'm going to see U2 in Dublin. And BEFORE the Glasgow date! Nine times lucky for me. How can I top that?
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