murflegirl (murflegirl) wrote in u2,

Sunday 9/13, Chicago!

Guys I got my tickets today! I'm not a member but I DEFINITELY will be buying a membership here soon. Ticketbastard is outrageous. I was one of the first in, but then it had an error, so I reentered my request and had to wait 10 minutes for a ticket! And the ones I got are in a section in the back right corner of the stage (if you're looking @ the stage head on). So basically I'm going to be staring at Edge and Bono's asses the whole time.

But then I get to thinking, and realize, HEY, I'm going to see U2! And I'm hearing that The Claw is taller than most stadiums anyway. I guess I just need moral support to feel better. 
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