She's running to stand...... Still. (u2lynne) wrote in u2,
She's running to stand...... Still.

Update on U2 Freebie video and audio

I didn't think so many people would be interested in these shows.

I guess I'm wondering:
1) Who is a newbie and doesn't have anything?
2) Who has no U2 concert videos (and wants the CD version I have - 3.26.2001)?
3) Who is willing to b&p the audio concerts to others that already replied and knows how to extract and copy correctly (and wants the extras I have - 4.25.1997 & 12.26.1989)?

Write to me at: . The only other way I can figure to give these out is randomly and I figure I might as well figure out it there is a way to get these to everyone. Unfortunately I can't b&p them right now since my hard drive is taken up with the seven Salome discs (both shn and audio) that I'm b&ping for another group (Yes, I only have a 10 GB hard drive).

If there are other suggestions on how to get these out, go ahead and suggest.

Update: flashfire 'won' the video and shows.
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