Fiona (fionaa) wrote in u2,

U2 tickets Gelsenkirchen

I bought tickets at for myself and my friends, but some friends can't go so I have two unnecessary tickets :( Tickets are for:

Mo, 03.08.2009
VELTINS-Arena / Gelsenkirchen (Germany)
Stehplatz Tribüne

It will be pretty soon already and I wouldn't like these tickets to go just in vain like a piece of paper.
I know there are still alot of tickets for sale, that's why I'm willing to give these tickets for a smaller payment. Just tell me how much you can afford to get them from me. I do NOT live in Germany so I need someone's reply as soon as possible, because if I send them there should be enough time for delivery. And since I'm not in Germany and not even in Europe there isn't any way to send me money. No PayPal or something like that isn't allowed here. So I'll only can take a gift certificate for (exactly British one). Well at least something.

I'm offering it here, because I tried all other ways already., people in my country and some message boards. Ebay or other internet auctions are forbidden for my country as well.
Anyway, if it's not too complicated and someone is interested just let me know.
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