writergeek313 (writergeek313) wrote in u2,

For sale: 1 seat for each Boston show

I got a really good seat for each of the Boston shows back in March in the presales, but as it turns out, I can't go, so I'm hoping someone here might be interested in one or both of them.

The Sunday ticket is in section 109, row 17. The Monday ticket is in section 109, row 6. This section is on Edge's side at about the 50 yard line, so I imagine the views will be great. In other stadiums, similar seats were still $250 (at least they were in Chicago), but at Gillette Stadium this was the first section of mid-priced tickets, so it's a deal!

I paid $113 each ($97.50 + TM fees) and am hoping to make back as much of that as possible, but the bottom line is I really need to sell them. Paypal seems like it would be easiest, and if someone buys both of them, I'll cover shipping.

I'm really disappointed I'm not going to be able to make the trip, but I can't miss a day of teaching so early in the semester. I don't want the tickets to go to waste!
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