Ā©®ŏßàŧ (bonobaby) wrote in u2,

If there is any reason to love a singer...

it is when they save someones life.

This is why I love Bono.

He very almost caused the band to split up by jumping off the stage at Live Aid and making them drop a song, but there was more method to his madness than first thought.

His actions were not for a stunt or to draw attention to the band, and for a while even he thought he had done the wrong thing but because he had a better perspective being on the stage he could see a woman in the crowd being crushed by throngs of people pushing closer to the barrier to try and get closer to the band.  This poor woman was getting the life crushed out of her literally, thus Bono's actions of jumping off the stage when the ushers failed to understand that which he was trying to tell them.

As he danced with the woman, the air entered her lungs again and she awoke to find herself in B-man's arms.  What woman wouldn't want to find herself there, but the fact that Bono risked his position in the band to save a life will always inspire me.

This is why I love him.

He is selfless, even if he claims the opposite.

How many musicians can we say that about?
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