rosephile (rosephile) wrote in u2,

9/21 Boston (Foxboro, MA) tix.

Sorry to bother you guys, but I'm getting only people who can't read (or are just ever-hopeful) on craigslist. I have 2 extra GAs for 9/21 and need to sell 'em. $147 for both (TM price, o'course, rounded up 20 cents, which I'll give you if you really want!) and we can meet up Saturday night (10pm or later) or at Gillette Stadium on Sunday or Monday. Or if you really convince me you're awesomely reliable (and use paypal), I could overnight 'em to you (the P.O. charges $17.50). You know you want to see them [again], guys. They're *U2*, and they go away for several years between tours!

Again, 9/21 is next *Monday*, not *Sunday*... ;)
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