Annie (canadanne) wrote in u2,

Members Montage reminder

The comm seems to have woken up a bit more since the North American tour started. If anyone wasn't reading before when we put together the U2 LJ Community Members Montage (or if you just never got round to submitting a photo at the time), please feel free to join in with this project!

(Click to see the full size version...)

All I need is a photo of yourself with something that represents your U2 fandom (like your favourite album, or a tour shirt or even one of the band members!). This will be cropped into a 200 x 200 pixel square and added to the "quilt" with everyone else's pics. Email your contributions to canadanne @ with the subject line U2 LJ photo. There is no deadline, but if you leave it too long you will probably forget all about it!

As you can see we currently have some spaces to fill, so it'd be great to add a few more members. :)
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