What we do in Life, echoes in Eternity (phoenixothon) wrote in u2,
What we do in Life, echoes in Eternity

Sad long time fan

I have been a fan since 1981.
I have been to every concert tour since War.
Except this one.
I count myself extremely lucky because of this.
U2 has touched my heart more than any other band, and has been a part of my life for 28 years.
I sit here listening to Achtung Baby in tears, because it is so beautiful and Bono is such an insightful poet, reminiscent of the Druid Bards who are his long past ancestors, and I wonder is some of that magic still living in his blood.
I know it is.
I am sad that as hard as I work, that I simply cannot afford to go.
To miss Bono, U2 my comfort in times most dire.
Sorry guys, this time the economy is too bad.
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